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Welcome2Golf (W2G) is a great way to get introduced to the game. Golf is a fun sport and a good opportunity to socialize with new friends and get to enjoy the beautiful Colorado outdoors. Learn the basics of golf in a relaxed stress free environment. We look forward to seeing you at one of our FREE open houses where Denver’s Welcome2Golf program ambassadors are happy to assist in finding the right program for YOU!

Denver Golf Programs
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Par 3 Golf Harvard Gulch
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Harvard Gulch Welcome2Golf Lessons

To register for Harvard Gulch lessons, contact Drew Greer at 720.865.0450, andrew.greer@denvergov.org

Tuesdays 10:00 – 11:00 AM
Thursdays 6:00-7:00 PM
$99/PERSON gets you a 3-lesson punch card.  You are then able to attend any of the clinics up to 3 times.

Lessons at Harvard Gulch Par 3 are mini-playing lessons where we go out on the course and actually play real shots.

You will learn the basics on grip, setup, stance, posture, full swing, and putting in each lesson since it will primarily be on-course instruction.


Kennedy Welcome2Golf Lesson Program

To sign up for W2G Lessons call Devon Puleo, 720.865.0720. devon.puleo@denvergov.org 
  • Lesson cost:$20/person
  • Each class is limited to 10 people/class

Free Clinics Descriptions: 
Welcome to the Golf Course:
A casual introduction to the Golf Course with a tour of the Clubhouse, grounds and Golf Shop. This clinic will be an open discussion about how to make the process of getting on the course easy and simple.

How to pick your tools:
Which Manufacturer makes the best clubs? Which clubs do I need? Do I need 14? Do I need to custom fit? All these questions will be answered in an informal discussion to guide you in selecting equipment.

Introduction to the Rules:
A basic course to help you enjoy the game more and understand some of the basic rules of the game. This clinic will be an open discussion on some of the issues you have run across or identifying some of the more common rules as well as some recent changes that make playing the game more fun.

This clinic will be a run introduction to the basic golf lingo and on course etiquette. We will introduce you to some of the unspoken rules and prepare you to be comfortable playing with other golfers.

Buyers guide to Accessories:
Ever want to know what the best golf ball for you? Do you your proper size for a golf glove? Do I need Golf Shoes to play? This will be an open discussion about accessories you may be interested in purchasing and what you may need.

Intermediate Rules:
This clinic will go over some of the more complex rules that you may encounter, and how to use the rule book. Do you have a basic understanding of the rules, but want to know more? Come to this class and ask those questions that you can't find the answers to.

Class descriptions:
Introduction to Putting:

This lesson explores the design of putters and the grip, and establishes a basis for a good grip and set-up. You will learn to read a green and experience fun drills to help you practice the intended line and control the distance of your putts.

Introduction to Chipping:
This lesson will help you learn the proper set-up and motion for a successful chip. You will learn a simple and easy approach where you can chip the ball close to the hole, and some tricks to use around the green.

Introduction to Full Swing:
This lesson will introduce you to a proper grip, stance and setup to establish the core fundamentals that help you build a solid swing  foundation. This course will introduce drills that, with practice, will help you master the techniques faster. In addition you will learn the difference in clubs and what they each is designed to do.

Introduction to Woods:
This lesson will focus on how to hit the longer clubs including hybrids, fairway woods and drivers and build on what you learned in the Full Swing class
Introduction to Pitching/Bunkers:
This lesson will address the differences between chipping and pitching when to use both. The instruction will include how a pitch shot is similar to a bunker shot as well as their differences.  This class will build on what you learned in the into to chipping class.

Challenging Shots:
This lesson will be an open discussion on difficult shots and helping you to learn to execute them. Topics may include, hitting out of the rough, side hill lies, bunkers, lob shots,etc.

How to hit it straight:
This lesson will give you the tools to hit the ball straight. You will learn the relationship between the full swing and clubface, and how it relates to where the ball goes. We will teach you easy and simple drills that will help you straighten out your shots.

How to hit it further:
This lesson will teach you some options on how your can increase how far you hit the ball.  This class will give you a better understanding on how the golf ball can travel further and how you can acheive hitting your clubs longer.

How to practice:
This lesson will help you focus on what you have learned, and make your practice sessions more productivem, and your mastery of techniques shorter.


Overland Park Welcome2Golf Lesson Program

3 Lesson series for $99/player
Mondays at 5:00 PM
Saturdays at 9:00 AM

Lesson 1
Introduce to the facility 
In this lesson, you will get an explanation and visual of the driving range, first tee and putting green, and what purpose they serve.  We will then take you to the range and explain the golf clubs and what each is designed to do.

Lesson 2
Introduction to the golf swing
In this lesson you will learn the following:
  • Important positions in the golf swing
  • Grip, aim and setup
  • Ball position for each club, why it changes, and how the ball is affected by the change
  • Overall importance of a consistent golf swing
Lesson 3
  • Green information/ Rules, Etiquette, Strategy
  • Putting grip, aim and setup
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