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Come Home to Play by joining one of Denver Golf's Men's or Women's clubs today!! In addition to receiving a USGA Handicap and membership to the Colorado Golf Association or Colorado Women's Golf Association, you will be able to play golf and take part in social events throughout the year. This is a great way to meet new people with whom to play, as well as improve your game. The men's and women's clubs are run independently of the golf courses. Each club's contact information is on below so you can find out how to join and get the schedule for each club.

Club Resources

City Park Men's Club - Playing at other Denver Courses during City Park renovations

Nate Kuberski, President
Email for Nate Kuberski, President of Club

Mark Churchill, Vice President
Email for Mark Churchill, Vice President of Club

City Park Women Golfers 

City Park Women Golfers is a fun and friendly league, playing 18 holes on Thursday and 9 holes on Wednesday.  We are currently playing at Willis Case, but expect, with great excitement, to return to City Park once renovations are complete and the grass is growing well!  Players are primarily enrolled in one or the other group (9 or 18 holes) but can also play both.  If you are interested in joining, please contact Reola Phelps.

Reola Phelps, President
Email for Reola Phelps, President/Thursdays of City Park Women's Golf 

Kennedy Men's Club

The Kennedy Men's Golf Club has been in existence since 1982, and generally has about 130-140 members each year.  We encourage our members to participate in as many tournaments as possible and usually have 80-100 players per event.  We always flight our tournaments based on handicap and ability and pride ourselves on fair handicaps and great competition.  Our camaraderie among members is probably our greatest asset, and many of our members have been a part of our club for several years.  We have a lot of younger players who have joined our group in the last couple of years and evryone seems to enjoy themselves in our weekend tournaments.  We play both individual and team events, and play most tourneys at Kennedy, with several at Wellshire and a mountain trip to Grand Lake each summer.  So come join the best Club in Denver!

Jim Biederman, President

Chris Strubel, Vice President

Ken Dobrovolny, Emeritus

Kennedy Ladies Club

18-Hole Club

Membership applications accepted throughout the season. To obtain a member application, please email:  Membership includes GHIN handicap and club dues. Membership costs $80.  Guests are welcomed at any of our weekly events, except Club Championship days.

Liz Sanchez, President
720.524.4229 (work)
liz.Email for Liz Sanchez, President of Kennedy Ladies

Shawn Reed, Vice President
Email for Shawn Reed, Vice President of Kennedy Ladies

Nine-Hole Club

The Kennedy Ladies Club is a 9-hole group that plays on Tuesdays from May - September. Contact Mary Gomez (see information below) to arrange to play a round on the West Nine Course.  A gross score of 70 or less is required.  Yearly dues of $75 which includes your handicap and money prizes at year end.

Mary Ball, President

Mary Gomez, Vice President/Membership Director


Par-3 Club

The Kennedy Par 3 Ladies Thursday morning league begins play on May 2 and ends on September 26.  Start times are usually betweeen 7:00 and 8:30 AM.  All skill levels are welcome!  Enjoy weekly play, scramble tournaments, awards and great camaraderie.  Annual dues are $30. To join contact us at the numbers below.

Lois Belcher, Membership Director

Leslie Yelland, Treasurer


Willis Case Men's Club

Welcoming all golfers who like both competition and fun, Willis Case has a strong and vibrant men's club and wants you to be a part of it.  Please pick up a registration sheet in the pro shop or email us directly!

Joe Frey, President
Email for Joe Frey, President of Willis Case Men's

Jack August, Vice President
Email for Jack August, Vice President of Willis Case Men's

Jim Lindsey
Email for Jim Lindsey of Willis Case Men's

Willis Case Ladies Club

The Willis Case Golf Club was built in 1928 by the El Jebel and the City of Denver.  This historic course continues to attract golfers from all over the region for the panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains.  The challenge of the course lies in the tree-lined fairways with full-grown evergreens, narrow, sloping fairways, and small, subtle greens.  Accurate course management is necessary on several well-bunkered holes.

The Willis Case Women’s Golf Club, established in 1937, offers 18-hole tournament play on Tuesdays and Saturdays, in addition to our traveling A Team.  Our tournaments include a weekly game-of-the-day, Match Play tournaments, and Club Championships.  We also have a spring and fall banquets each year. For information about joining the club, applications are available in the ladies’ locker room at the course or contact any of the officers listed above.  Our club also has a Facebook page.

Jane Berg, President
Email for Jane Berg, President of Willis Case Ladies

Deb Morell-Rinkenberger, Vice President/Secretary/Membership
Email for Deb Morell-Rinkenberger, Vice President/Secretary/Membership of Willis Case Ladies

Terry Kelly, Treasurer
Email for Terry Kelly, Treasurer of Willis Case Ladies

Laura Fischer, Tournaments
Email for Laura Fischer, Tournaments of Willis Case Ladies

Wellshire Men's Club

Wellshire Men's Golf Club holds 18-hole tournaments on weekends. We have 2 banquets, spring and fall.  Tournaments include the Calcutta, ABCD Scramble, 1 away tournament, a 2-day Club Championship and Match Play tournaments.  For more information about joining, go to

John Crowley, President

John Rosales, Vice President

Darren Gaschler, Membership Director

Wellshire Women's Golf Club

Sue Haskell, Membership Director

Sunrise Ladies 9-hole

A nice group of ladies who enjoy early mornings,  playing in a 9-hole sunrise league.  The league meets on Wednesday mornings, tee times starting at sunrise. To check availability for membership, contact Ellen Fitzpatrick at 303-822-2267 or

Luann Silva, President

Ellen Fitzpatrick, Vice President/Membership Director

Cathleen Ryland, Scheduler

Overland Park Men's Golf Club

The Overland Park Men's Club offers as a medium to foster social and business networks, focusing on camaraderie, competition, integrity and sportsmanship.  All skill levels are welcome and encouraged to participate.  Membership in The OPMC is a great way to establish lasting friendships and expand your circle of golfing partners.

In addition to our 10 annual tournaments, members are offered several opportunities to participate in our organized golf events and outing throughout the year.


Email: Email for Overland Park Men's Golf

Overland Park Women's Golf Club

We are an 18-hole ladies golf club that plays 7 days a week with primary play on Thursdays and Saturdays.  Contact any of the members below, or the Overland Park Pro Shop (720.865.0430), to get more information about joining.

Norma Bisdorf, President
Email for Norma Bisdorf, President of Overland Park Women's Golf

Jeanne Surbrugg, Vice President
Email for Jeanne Surbrugg, Vice President of Overland Park Women's Golf

Clarissa Gliksman, Membership Director
Email for Clarissa Gliksman, Membership Director of Overland Park Women's Golf

Evergreen Ladies League

The Evergreen Ladies Golf League begins early May and we play on Wednesdays through August.  This is a relaxed and social environment for all levels of golfers.  For more information, call, email or text Jennifer or email at Email for Jennifer of Evergreen Ladies

Jennifer Derrick, Membership Director
Email for Jennifer Derrick, Membership Director of Evergreen Ladies

Candy Trimble
candy.Email for Candy Trimble of Evergreen Ladies