Rain Checks

Can I use a rain check from one course at ANY Denver Golf Course?   No.  A rain check from one of our courses MUST be used at the same course it was issued. Please review our Rain Check Policy (Download PDF in new tab).

I lost my rain check.  Do you have a record of it?  No. Rain checks are given out as vouchers on the day of the rain-out and are not tracked to the specific player.  The only way to identify them is by the rain check voucher number found on the rain check itself.  Please keep them in a dry place or take a picture of the voucher so you will be able to find it the next time you play.

Booking Tee Times

I made my tee time online.  Why can't I cancel or add a golfer online?  To avoid malicious use of this feature, our system doesn't allow the number of golfers or time of day of an existing reservation to be modified through our online booking engine.  To modify an existing reservation online, you will need to cancel the existing tee time and book a new time based on the modification you would like to make.  If you prefer, you may call the pro shop or call center to modify your existing tee time.

Why won't the reservation system let me select walking instead of riding?  Since the online reservation system doesn't charge you for your round it was decided to streamline the reservation process by offering only riding fees.  You will be able to choose to walk or ride and qualify for any discounted fees (Senior or Junior) when you check in at the pro shop.

Do I have to make a tee time?  Anyone may book a tee time up to 7 days in advance OR up to 14 days in advance for Loyalty Members (link to Loyalty Members page) online or by calling the course 24 hours a day.  Walk ups are also accepted the day of, but keep in mind un-booked times can fill up quickly.  It is recommended that you book a tee time in advance to ensure you get on the course.  All players must "check in" at the pro shop to pay their associated fees.

How can I book a time for more than 4 players? If you have 5-20 players, call the pro shop. If you have 21+ players, please fill out the tournament request form (link to Tournament Info page). Our Tournament Director will contact you to help you book your event.

Do you allow fivesomes?  Due to the amount of play our courses receive, we are not normally able to accommodate fivesomes, however, there are times when fivesomes are feasible.  Call the course to determine if you request for a fivesome can be allowed.  Click here to see our fivesomes policy (PDF opens in new tab).

I'm new and don't want to hold others up.  When can we play by ourselves?  Welcome to the game!  Everyone starts as a beginner, so we all understand it can be intimidating at times.  We can never guarantee that you will get your own tee time as we pair golfers based on demand to try and allow everyone an opportunity to play.  Here are a few ideas on how to improve your odds of not being paired up with other golfers.

  • Strategically book a tee time.  (a.) Very early in the morning (first two hours course is open) (b.) Just after lunch Monday thru Thursday (c.) Late any day around 1 1/2 hours before sunset.
  • Play one of our par three courses.  They are great for beginning golfers and not normally as busy as the other courses.  Harvard Gulch (link to Harvard Gulch page) or Kennedy Par Three (link to Kennedy page).
  • Call and talk to the staff at the course you want to play.  They will be happy to help you find the best time to improve your odds.


Does a non-playing friend have to pay to ride in a cart?  Yes, spectators are using the cart for transportation the same as a golfer and by using the cart, are precluding it from being rented to another golfer, therefore, each will pay the same fee.  Please refer to our current cart fee rates (link to Rates page) for appropriate pricing.

What are your resident rates?  How do you set your green fees?  The decision was made several years ago to eliminate the resident rate at Denver Golf Courses.  This decision was made because Denver Golf is an Enterprise Fund; meaning no General Funds or Tax Funds are used for operating the golf courses.  The only source of funds for Denver Golf is the revenue generated by the courses themselves; such as Green Fees, Cart Fees, Range Fees, and Merchandise Sales.  Thus, resident golfers and non-resident golfers support the course equally.

Do you rent clubs?  Yes we do!  Please click here for rental club rates.

Course Conditions

Why do you have four sets of different colored tees?  To support the USGA's nationwide effort for people to get more enjoyment out of the game, we have updated our course tee colors and distances.  The beauty of golf is that anyone can play because the course adjusts for different skill levels based on the tees you play.  We want people to have choices.  It is not much fun playing a golf course that is just too long for the average player.  Playing from the distance that matches your skill level gives you a better opportunity to make pars and birdies.  By making these small changes in tee color and yardages, your scores, pace of play and overall enjoyment of the game increases dramatically.  Since introducing the new tees and tee marker colors, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of players utilizing the forward tees.  This has resulted in increased play and enjoyment of our courses by all golfers.

What is the purpose for frost delays? We have frost delays when the temperature and humidity are at a level which would result in temporary or permanent turf damage if players are allowed to walk on the turf.  So, we have frost delays to keep our courses in the best condition possible.

Loyalty Program

What is the Loyalty Program?  How much does it cost?  What does it do for me?  Signing up for the Loyalty Program is FREE and gives our guests some advantages that other golfers don't have.  With the Loyalty Card, golfers can make tee times 14 days in advance.  Earn points with every dollar you spend on your green fees. Your points are kept on our point of sale system so no vouchers to keep track of. Loyalty customers can redeem points for green fees whenever you have enough or save them for later.  Loyalty points never expire!  Having a Loyalty Card also speeds up the check in process.  Learn more about our Loyalty Program (link to Loyalty Members page) here.

Are there restrictions to the Loyalty Program?  We do have some guidelines for the use of the cards and rewards.  First, in order to receive your points, you must have your Loyalty Card present upon check in at the golf course.  Second, you earn points only for your round of golf.  Third, redeem points for green fees whenever you have enough. Learn more about the Loyalty Program (link to Loyalty Members page) and associated policies.

Do my Loyalty points expire?  No, points never expire.  

I don’t think I am getting my points, how can this be fixed?  Send us an email at infodenvergolf@denvergov.org with your phone number and loyalty card number and we will follow up.

How do I check how many points I have? Your points are tracked in our point of sale system and printed at the bottom of your receipt each time you play. You can also ask any staff member at the course and they can look it up for you, or email us at infodenvergolf@denvergov.org

How do I use my points?  You can use your points at any time or course to pay for green fees when you have enough to redeem the round (carts cannot be redeemed with points). Generally, 10 points will equal approximately $1 toward your green fee. (EX: I want to play a round that costs $30, if I have 350 points, I can use 300 points to pay for my round and will have 50 points left over).

Pace of Play

Why do course marshals follow us around?  Marshals are there to monitor the flow of play and assist golfers when needed to ensure everyone enjoys their day on the course.  If you view the golf course like the interstate where there is a maximum and a minimum speed limit it explains why we need marshals.  If you drive slow on the interstate people have to go around you or sit behind you causing further back-ups and even accidents (someone ever play into your group??).  If you drive too fast you run into the cars in front of you and have to wait.  The best way for everyone to get where they are going is for everyone to keep a steady pace.  Marshals monitor the pace to try and keep it steady and prevent back-ups and accidents.  If a Marshal has to discuss pace of play with a group, it is to assist everyone with their pace of play.

What are the "Relaxed Rules of Golf" signs about?  This is an industry wide effort to make the game more fun and help maintain the pace of play on the course.  We are not all professional golfers playing for million dollar checks - so why play by their rules and at their pace?  The relaxed rules encourage golfers to keep a good pace by minimizing ball searches and time spent on relief procedures in order to have a more enjoyable round.


Do you have a Junior Program and how young can kids start?  We certainly do!  We have the 2nd largest First Tee program in the country.  The First Tee Of Denver has won many National Awards for their innovative programs.  To find answers to more of your questions about The First Tee Of Denver or to register your child, visit their website, www.thefirstteedenver.org (open URL in new tab).

Do your courses have "Family Tees"?  All of our courses have multiple tee markers.  You should be able to find one suitable for you.  We also have Family Days  at the Kennedy Par Three course every day of the week.

Can I buy a gift certificate online?  We now offer gift cards online!  Gift cards come in $25, $50, $75 and $100 denominations online.  If you need another denomination, you can combine two amounts or call one of our pro shops.  Gift cards are good at all Denver Golf facilities. Please allow 10 business days from your online purchase date for processing and delivery.

Do you have driving ranges?  We have five driving ranges. Wellshire, City Park, Kennedy and Overland Park all have ranges.  In addition, we have Aqua Golf, our signature water driving range and miniature golf course.  For more information on Denver Golf Range venues CLICK HERE.  For the 2019 season, City Park and Wellshire driving ranges are both closed for renovations.

Do you have a par three course?  We have two;  Kennedy (link to Kennedy page) and Harvard Gulch (link to Harvard Gulch page) Golf Courses.

Do you have golf pros that give lessons?  We have many PGA and LPGA instructors available.  They can all teach at any of our facilities.  Check out our instructors and more lesson information HERE (link to Lessons page).

Do you have memberships or playing passes?  We don't have memberships or annual cards.  We do have a great Loyalty Program.  You can earn points towards great rewards such as free golf cart rental or green fee.  We also offer golf packages.  Learn more about our Loyalty Program (link to Loyalty Members page) and golf packages (link to Specials login page) here.

Do you have Ladies and Men's clubs?  Each course has a Men's and Ladies Club.  For a list of clubs and associated contact information check with the respective golf course or click here to get the contact information for each club.

Why are there so many geese on the course?  Geese are protected so the only way we can manage them is to haze them and try to make them want to leave.  As you can imagine a golf course is a perfect environment for geese.  Plenty of great turf to feed on, lots of water hazards to swim in and not many natural threats.  It is difficult to get them to leave permanently so we try to manage it the best that we can.

What are you doing about the goose droppings?  The previous question answers this question to some degree.  Lots of geese equal lots of goose droppings.  We manage this as best we can by blowing off the greens, fairways and tees and raking the other areas when possible.  It is impossible to manage the goose droppings in the winter so the spring thaw is the worst.  As it warms up and snow melts we are gradually able to catch up on the goose dropping maintenance.