Capital Improvements

City Park

City Park is closed for renovations.

Improvement Description of Improvement Start Date Projected Completion
Golf Course Renovation

Project Updates: 

City Park Golf Course is CLOSED and will reopen for play when the turf is fully established in order to protect the new turf from being damaged and establishment of the turf is largely dependent upon the weather the rest of 2019 and spring of 2020.

During major storms, the redesigned City Park Golf Course will temporarily hold and slow floodwaters while
protecting the course from damage. The detention area is an essential part of 
Platte to Park Hill: Stormwater Systems. It will be integrated into an updated course design that will be even more enjoyable
for golfers and help 
protect some of the city’s most at-risk neighborhoods from flooding.

Integrating stormwater detention in golf courses is a very common practice. Outside of major storms, the
area will remain a dry, fully-functioning 
golf course.

After considering technical merits and community input, City Park Golf Course was selected for water
detention because it will protect significantly more homes and businesses; enhances an existing city asset; reduces the need for private property acquisition; and provides for future stormwater needs.

January 2020
Turf grow-in is in progress across the golf course property.

Landscaping and other work to complete the new clubhouse and maintenance facility is occurring.

Stormwater improvements on the golf course are operational and reducing flood risks as intended. The detention area is collecting stormwater from the basin upstream, slowly releasing the stormwater into an existing pipe north of the course, and helping prevent those stormwater systems north of 26th Avenue from becoming overwhelmed.

City Park Golf Course is currently closed and will reopen when the turf is fully established. An opening date for the golf course will be based on regular assessments of the turf. Establishment of the turf is largely dependent upon weather conditions.

Denver Golf strives to provide great playing conditions and a positive experience to our guests.

 City Park Golf Course Clubhouse rendering
11/1/17 TBD


Improvement Description of Improvement Start Date Projected Completion
Pro Shop Renovation Renovation to include new pro's office and IT server closet 2/1/2017 Completed
Clubhouse Deck Renovation of building entry ramp and patio

Maintenance Yard Fencing and Trash Enclosure New fencing around the Evergreen Maintenance Faciltiy Summer 2016 TBD
Irrigation Renovation Renovation of the existing irrigation system 1/1/2017 TBD

Harvard Gulch

Improvement  Description of Improvement  Start Date Projected Completion
Pond and Irrigation Improvements Renovation of irrigation system including the enlargement of the pone to accommodate irrigation needs for golf course and Harvard Gulch North Fall 2016 Spring 2020
Roof Repair Removal and replacement of roof at Harvard Gulch Clubhouse Fall 2016 Completed


Improvement Description of Improvement Start Date Projected Completion
Restaurant Restrooms Remodel of bathrooms in restaurant - To provide new flooring, wall tiling, and new integral sinks and countertops in the men’s and women’s bathroom. Winter2019-2020 Spring 2020
Course Restrooms Design and construction of new on-course restrooms Spring 2018 2020

Overland Park

Improvement  Description of Improvement Start Date Projected Completion
First Tee Course

Hole #1 reconstruction is complete with new rerouting.  First Tee Course construction is complete.  Turf needs to finish getting established.  Junior course will open for classes in Spring of 2020.

First Tee golf course design 

Summer 2016 Spring 2020
 On-Course Restrooms Design and construction of new course restrooms.  Concept design developed.  
Fall/Winter 2019 through Summer/Fall 2020 
  • Procure design services through Public Works (utility extensions and approvals, design of prefabricated restrooms, Floodplain analysis for locations and grading, building review and approval)
  • Bidding and construction procurement through Public Works on-call contractors
Fall/Winter 2020 - Spring 2021 - Construction Phase
  • Procure bulidings and coordinate delivery with general contractor
  • Construction (mobilization, install utility connections to buildings, complete grading requrements for floodplain, install building and make connections, install electrical, final grading, paving and landscaping around buildings, complete certification for floodplain, obtain occupancy permit)
Fall 2019 Spring 2021


Improvement Description of Improvement Start Date Projected Completion
Driving Range/Dam

Decommissioning of dam and draining Skeel Reservoir to handle water quality and retention. Pond continues to be drained. The project includes; an entirely new irrigation system, new more reliable source of water, removal of the small collection pond in #10 fairway, restoration of #10, #1 and #7 fairways, and a grass landing area for the driving range. The work will continue throughout the year and may result in periodic closures of the driving range.

Draining of the pond

As of 3-9-18

Draining of pond as of March 3, 2018

Filling in #10 pond

Filling in number 10 pond
Fall 2018  
Course Restroom Renovation Renovation of the on-course restrooms Spring 2018 December 2018

Willis Case

Improvement Description of Improvement Start Date Projected Completion
Maintenance Building Electrical Audit Audit of electrical systems due to multiple tripps from wiring and circuits 6/16/17 Completed

Aqua Golf

Improvement Description of Improvement Start Date Projected Completion
ACOE Habitat Habitat improvements along Patte River Trail Summer 2017 Summer 2019