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Capital Improvements


This page is to keep you informed about the progress of current and upcoming Denver Golf capital projects. The Denver Golf mission is to deliver a complete golf experience and provide our community with excellent customer service, programs to grow the game for future generations and outstanding course conditions while remaining stewards of the environment.  Our capital projects support this mission and are vital to the preservation and improvement of our facilities.   

Denver Golf is an enterprise fund which means no general fund or sales tax revenue is allocated to Denver Golf for operating or capital expenses. The sole source of operating and capital funding is the funds generated from golf fees. Every dollar generated by Denver Golf stays within the golf division to be used for operations, capital maintenance and capital improvements.  

Capital improvements are prioritized by the following criteria; safety, guest experience, the environment, available funding, synergies, and return on investment.  Projects tend to be in the planning process for 2 to 5 years depending on the size of the project and the level of involvement needed by other divisions within the city. Projects also follow city purchasing procedures which, depending on the size of the project, can require the issuance of a request for pricing, collection of bids, an award of the bid, creation of a contract and City Council approval. As you can imagine all of these steps take time.  

Overall, our capital projects are done for one or more of the following reasons: to enhance the guest’s experience, provide more value for the guest, improve safety, be better stewards of the environment, maintain or construct a community asset.  

Aqua Golf

Improvement Description of Improvement Start Date Projected Completion

City Park

City Park Golf Course is closed for the winter months to complete some final touches and allow the new turf to rest and recover.  It will reopen next Spring 2021.  

Improvement Description of Improvement Start Date Projected Completion
Golf Course Renovation

Project Updates: 

City Park is closed for golf rounds for the winter to allow grass to continue growth and give us time to put in some finishing touches.  The fence surrounding the golf course will remain in place until Spring of 2021 in order to protect the sensitive new turf from unauthorized use during the winter months, and to minimize foot traffic while we are working on remaining projects within the golf course.  The driving range is open during the winter pending weather.

The new course offers:

  • 18 holes of golf and a new full-size driving range
  • New clubhouse and returning nines
  • Dedicated 4-hole course for the First Tee of Denver program

 City Park Golf Course Clubhouse rendering
11/8/20 Spring 2021


Improvement Description of Improvement Start Date Projected Completion
Clubhouse Log Repairs Log siding and gutter improvements. Design phase is 95% complete and will be going out to bid for construction to DOTI in November.  Construction is planned to take place in January and February 2021.  Restaurant will be closed for dining during this time.  They will be open for take-out only.
October 2020 March 2021
Parking Lot Improvements We are currently producing the grading and erosion control drawings to regrade and repave the parking lot.  This will promote positive drainage across the lot and fix all puddling issues that currently exist.  Construction is scheduled to take place in the spring before Evergreen opens for golf. October 2020 Spring 2021

Harvard Gulch

Improvement  Description of Improvement  Start Date Projected Completion
Pond and Irrigation Improvements Harvard Gulch Golf Course reopened May 28, 2021.  Benefits of this project include:
  • Conservation of potable water
  • New seating and viewing areas
  • Constant water circulation reducing mosquito breeding grounds, population, growth, and development 
  • Restoration of native species and wildlife
  • Adds character and a new challenge to the golf course
  • Improved irrigation equipment resulting in less water usage and more efficient energy consumption
  • Improved course drainage

Construction Kick off/Site Preparation
10/1 - 10/8, 2020

Installation of water line and concrete channel structure
10/13 - 12/7, 2020

Pond Excavation & Hauling.  
Pond grading and Installation of clay line/rip rap
10/22 - 11/24, 2020

Installation of new pump and intake
12/1 - 12/28, 2020

Forebay and access ramp installation (Harvard Gulch Park)
12/16, 2020 - 1/20, 2021

New pumphouse and well installation and testing
12/29 - 3/25, 2020-21

Irrigation modifications  installation of landscape
Patch back any disturbed fencing, asphalt
1/21 - 3/3, 2021

Punch list items & Final completion
3/26 - 4/30, 2021

Construction kickoff/site preparation
10/5  - 10/23, 2020

Trenching and installation of new irrigation lines and components
10/26, 2020 - 1/1, 2021

Installation of new drainage lines and structures
12/4 - 12/29, 2020

Punch list items & Final completion
1/4 - 1/22, 2021

 Progress photos 12/10/20
Before picture

As you can see, there is a lot going on with construction and tree protection on this small site which makes it impossible for us to keep the course open during construction.  Due to warm dry conditions this winter, the turf has experienced more damage than expected from the construction so we are looking to reopen sometime in mid-May.

The new irrigation pond at Harvard Gulch is taking shape.  When completed, the project will replace the current potable water source with City Ditch water as the main source of irrigation water for the park and golf course.  Notice the new pump station being installed.



Approximately 16,000 CY of dirt is being excavated and hauled to Kennedy. The pond will be around 14-15’ deep at it’s deepest point, but closest to hole #2, will only be about 10’. Hauling should be completed by the end the week of January 18, 2021.


In addition to the new irrigation pond, the Harvard Gulch Golf Course is also getting an updated irrigation system.  Notice the mainlines have been installed.


Excavation of the pond is just about complete and the clay pond liner will be installed in the next week or so.  The 30" intake line (blue pipe in the photo below) is being installed simultaneously to the grading and install of the pond liner.

The irrigation contractor is in the process of installing lateral lines and heads that have been staked.  The mainline is completed and energized for winter watering.

The pond is shaped and graded at a 4:1 slope throughout, gravel is being distributed and formed around the pond edge. Modifications to the existing outfall structure have been made and walls have been poured.

Irrigation laterals are beginning to be tied into the mainline. Approximately 95 heads of 405 have been installed.

Pond gravel and clay liner are being set. Find grading of these elements is in progress.

Outfall structure walls have been poured. 3” line along with 6” irrigation mainline and connection near existing pumphouse are also in progress. This is requiring coordination between the two contractors on how we are connecting the lines.

Irrigation autovalves are being installed and the big push from the irrigation contractor is to get all laterals along the mainline loop tied in and functional.

We tested the irrigation system in this area of the course on Wednesday and officially have water! Sod and seed scheduled to go down next week to start patching back construction damage.

The pond is being pumped through the outlet structure from the rainfall we received Tuesday. Up the hill, mainline trenches are being backfilled and dirt is being prepped to begin pouring the concrete pad for the new pump.

Extents on the enlarged pond! Waiting on liner to be poured and landscape to be installed.

The channel crossing is complete. Pond base is set and liner is scheduled to be installed next week. In the background there is a pile of dirt, they are currently excavating the forebay area to be installed when it dries out.

The new pump (under blue tarp) and concrete pad has been installed. The building structure around the pump is going up Monday the 26th. #1,5,7,9 tee boxes were re-sodded last week. All irrigation on the west side of the course is operational now.

Landscaping around the pond will begin this week (weather dependent).


5/6/21 Updates
Dewatering is still being done so that the inlet pipe can be secured and the geogrid liner can finish being installed.


5/26/21 Updates

New bridge


Area with new irrigation system

Erosion Control Plan

Hauling plan
Fall 2016 Completed May 2021


Improvement Description of Improvement Start Date Projected Completion
Creek #9 Bridge Construction This project will fix settling issues at the bridge approach and stabilize the creek bank while providing golfers with a smooth and accessible route to #9 green. 
Construction mobilized on April 12, 2021 and will take approximately 40 days which puts us around end of May/ early June completion date.
5-6-21  Updates
  • The bridge has been removed (4/28) and taken to the contractors warehouse to make modifications.
  • Caissons cages to be tied and inspected Tuesday 5/4/21
  • Caisson drilling / placement (concrete pours) to be installed by early next week.
  • Sheet piling at the diversions to be installed by mid next week.

Winter2019-2020 Spring 2021
Course Restrooms Design and construction of new on-course restrooms. Spring 2018 2021

Overland Park

Improvement  Description of Improvement Start Date Projected Completion
First Tee Course

Hole #1 reconstruction is complete with new rerouting.  First Tee Course construction is complete.  Turf needs to finish getting established.  Junior course will open for classes in Spring of 2020.

First Tee golf course design 

Summer 2016 Completed 2020
 On-Course Restrooms Design and construction of new course restrooms.  Concept design developed.  
Fall/Winter 2019 through Summer/Fall 2020 
  • Procure design services through Public Works (utility extensions and approvals, design of prefabricated restrooms, Floodplain analysis for locations and grading, building review and approval)
  • Bidding and construction procurement through Public Works on-call contractors
Fall/Winter 2020 - Spring 2021 - Construction Phase
  • Procure bulidings and coordinate delivery with general contractor
  • Construction (mobilization, install utility connections to buildings, complete grading requrements for floodplain, install building and make connections, install electrical, final grading, paving and landscaping around buildings, complete certification for floodplain, obtain occupancy permit)
Fall 2019 Spring 2021


Improvement Description of Improvement Start Date Projected Completion
Driving Range/Dam

Decommissioning of dam and draining Skeel Reservoir to handle water quality and retention. Pond continues to be drained. The project includes draining the pond  and drying out a space that will provide a grass landing area for the driving range. Currently the driving range is closed but there are temporary nets in which players can hit into to warm up.
Preliminary design concepts involve capturing the stormwater in a small section of the reservoir, and then piping it underground to the storm sewers left of hole #7.  This will allow us to dry out the bottom of the reservoir and grow turf for a grassed driving range landing area with some targets. The tee line will be realigned for safety and will still have artificial teeing stations, as there isn’t enough room for a turf teeing area.
This project is estimated to cost between $2M and $3M depending on final design. We have been working with the State to apply for a high risk dam mitigation grant which will cover a large portion of the funding. We are currently in the design phase and will apply for the grant in December 2021. The grant will be awarded in spring of 2022. If we are awarded the grant, construction will start in the fall of 2022, or spring of 2023, with a targeted completion date of summer or fall 2023. Of course, there are a lot of moving parts, so if anything doesn’t go as planned it will mean a delay to the schedule. If we don’t receive funding from the grant we will have to find an alternative source of funding which may delay the project.


Draining of the pond
Draining of pond as of March 3, 2018
6-11-19 Fairway damaged area repaired from lake flooding

Fall 2018
Driving range  is projected to be completed by late 2023.

Willis Case

Improvement Description of Improvement Start Date Projected Completion
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